Expo316 Stainless steel taps, durable and green design

Expo316 Stainless steel taps, durable and green design


M&Z Rubinetterie manufactures AISI 316L taps, a stainless steel with wonderful features.

The surface of our stainless steel faucets has a strong tendency to self-pass, thus spontaneously forming a film with a thickness of few η that protects its surface from external agents.

This feature guarantees a superior durability and resistance of the surfaces to external agents. It is no coincidence that our steel faucets are also recommended for outdoor use.


From an ecological point of view, stainlees steel is 100% recyclable and is by far the most recycled material in the world.
Steel is also a permanent material, so it can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of the precious original properties. Finally, Italy ranks first in Europe for ferrous scrap recycling volumes. *

For this reason, the use of steel for our taps puts us at the forefront of environmental protection.

* (source: Federacciai: 2017 Sustainability Report)



The design form of our steel taps is sublimated by the use of a noble material such as AISI316L steel which has unique characteristics of mechanical resistance to machining.

Fully enhancing its ecological, mechanical and resistance characteristics, our steel faucets are the perfect expression of skilful Italian design, we do something ecologically responsible, with excellent technical characteristics and put it in a perfect design.

(Francesco Gugliotta - M & Z Rubinetterie - Italy)